Thursday, 8 November 2018

Paper Snowflakes for OnStage Swaps

Hi Everyone!

This weekend I am lucky enough to be attending an all demonstrator event in Birmingham for Stampin' Up! At the event we get to see the new Spring/Summer catalogue and play with brand new products. Part of the day is sharing ideas and inspiration with other demonstrator's, also known as 'swaps'.

For my swap I wanted to do a 3D item rather than a card and I also wanted to do something themed to Christmas. I had a browse on Pinterest and came across some gorgeous snowflakes made out of patterned paper and decided this was what I wanted to do!

I used the Joyous Noel designer series paper to make the snowflakes - along with a trimmer and some glue, that's all that was needed! My tutorial on how to make one of these is below, but for now, here is my snowflake! I made 30 of these to share around and I hope everyone who received one, liked it.

To make these, just follow these simple instructions:

1. Cut 12 pieces of patterned paper 15.2cm by 0.7cm and split into two groups of 6 strips. 

2. Use 2 of the strips to form a cross and glue in the center (I used wet glue just so I could manoeuvre if needed but tape would work just as well) I lay mine on my silicone mat just to help if any glue stuck down. 

3. Place a dot of glue either side of the vertical strip of paper.

4. Stick a strip of paper either side of the first vertical piece onto the glue dots placed in step 3. 

5. Rotate the paper 90 degrees. Place 4 dots of glue either side of the now vertical single strip as below.

6. Lift the central horizontal strip and place a strip of paper vertically underneath it, onto the glue dots placed above. Do this on both sides. This will give you a woven effect.

7. Turn the paper over and place some tape onto the edge of the horizontal strips (only the outside ones not the central one, so you should have 4 bits of tape on the strips).

8. Bring the taped strip edge to meet the non-taped strip at it's 90 degree angle and stick together. You should now see the other side of the paper as below. Repeat for the remaining 3 corners. 

9. Repeat the steps above so you have 2 like the below.

10. Turn one over and place on top of the other but at an angle so that there's a tip in each place. 

11. Tuck the strips under the tip and glue in place. Trim if you like but I quite liked the edges of the strip showing. 

I punched a small hole and added some ribbon. There you have it! You can make a few of these and thread for bunting or just use as a Christmas decoration. 

If I swapped with you, thanks for sharing with me!

Products used are below but any pretty paper will do:

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